Articles and Papers

In this section of the website you can find links to various essays I have written. Most of them are academic and from my university Degree. I don’t know if I can upload my Masters essays until the marks have been ratified. Enjoy.

NB: None of the following essays (unless specified) have been published and therefore would not count as a reputable secondary source for university essays or academic articles.

The Passover and Israelite Indentity A Short Essay on how the Passover Narrative of Exodus 12-13 reveals a sense of identity

Review – Sanders and Vermes A Comparative review of two books on Jesus

The Kingdom of God and Jesus’ hearers A short piece on what the kingdom of God meant for Jews at the time of Jesus

The Colossian Heresy An attempt to understand the problem behind Paul’s letter to the Colossians

Hesed in Ruth A reading of Ruth in light of Deuteronomy 23-25.

It is the Doers of the Law who will be Justified My undergraduate dissertation on Romans 2.13 and Justification


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